08 March 2007

Membership in Decline

Steve Stanton, the City Manager of Largo, Florida, wants to be a woman. Didn't tell his wife. Didn't tell his son. Didn't tell the city. Didn't tell the voters. But when a local newspaper, er, scooped him, he had to go public. Here's a quote from his hastily arranged television press conference: "I hope my son isn't watching."


He has been a very good city manager for years and years. Recently he was publicly rewarded with a salary increase. This doesn't change the recently revealed basic fact, however, that he is insane. Stark, raving, screaming, cut-off-my-penis-and-call-me-Shirley insane.

Anyone can see that this is a mental illness. If you wanted a doctor to cut off your hand because you have always felt that you had one hand too many, the doctor would decline, and recommend a psychiatrist. Your only option might be to travel to Saudi Arabia and steal a bagel some bread for some of that non-anesthetized Koranic justice.

But that's the closest place you'll find somebody willing to lop off a perfectly good body part. Unless it's your penis, in which case otherwise rational, civilized, western liberals feel that the problem is not all in your head--it's the head and the shaft which offend.

What is this liberal fascination with destroying men? In school, boys are medicated or disciplined out of boyish behavior. In public, men are shamed out of gentlemanly behavior. Opening a door for a woman supposedly makes her less a woman? I disagree, but even if it were true, failing to do it makes a man much less a man.

Nationally, we are socialized to believe that the use of force is always wrong, and that we must always resort to the government as a mommy figure, but nobody should be the Daddy. Television programs routinely feature fathers committing all sort of malfeasance. Whenever a family breaks up, it is either because a man is being selfish and evil, or because a woman who has been victimized by a man is being selfish and evil. The root cause of all family problems in American entertainment is the presence of a man in the family, or the absence of a man who was no good for the family when he was there anyway.

The destruction of the American Man proceeds apace, in whole and in part. Through the media, education, and mental health institutions, we learn that men are bad, maleness is bad, penises are bad, and we would all be better off with as little of any of these as possible. Boys are pressured to be like girls, men are trained to act like women, and penises are lopped off to be replaced with fake vaginas.

This is no simple personal elective surgery that Steve Stanton has chosen. It is not like removing an appendix before journeying to Antarctica, or having those tonsils out after a series of non-specific illnesses. Those are procedures which rational arguments can be mustered both for and against. The procedure Stanton wants, on the other hand, requires acceptance of a whole raft of radical liberal ideology in order to view the surgery as anything other than insanity. We can all tell who is a man and who is a woman when the pants are off. Only a crazy person sees one and assumes the other. No amount of liberal brainwashing from the University will convince me otherwise. In the Bizarro World of academics and journalists, the only good man is one who has no use for women.

I do not know what happened to Mr. Stanton that he should think he is a woman. Perhaps it was something in his childhood, or perhaps he was born with a brain defect. Either way, nothing requires me, or the City Council of Largo, Florida, for that matter, to play nice with this madness. When a crazy person insists that he is Henry VIII, you are free to denounce his madness. Extend sympathy if you wish, but you will not be accused of "discriminatory" behavior for calling this lunatic a lunatic. Same for Napoleon, next time you see him staggering on a street-corner. And the same goes for the alleged "Susan" Stanton, the next time you see "her", with or without her penis, in the Largo City Hall.

The City of Largo is well within its rights to terminate, fire, round-file, shit-can this pathetic side-effect of a widespread public dementia. The taxpayers are under no obligation to enable this sort of mental deficiency. Certainly those who are raising children have no desire to bless this type of miserable example.

Good Job, Largo!