04 February 2007

Palestinians: "We don't deserve a State!"

I agree.

The Middle East is impossible to understand if you assume that Israel will not accept Palestine. But the Middle East is easily understood if you assume that the Arabs will accept nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

Arafat was offered Palestine, and nothing changed.
Israel has accepted Palestine (a la Caroline Glick), and nothing has changed.

Gaza has its own port cities, its own border with Egypt, and not a single Israeli on the territory. They have a "government" funded by massive cash inflows from around the world, and they have complete control over their social, economic, and military institutions. Nowhere in the history of mankind has a state existed with more freedom and less responsibility than the current Gaza Strip. It should be succeeding like Singapore, like Hong Kong, like--well--like Israel.

But it isn't. And it won't. Because it can't.

Palestine the idea does not support Palestine the "country". Palestine the idea is only a weapon to be used against Israel. So Palestinians are victims, yes, but of the massive Arab war against Israel. As surely as if the people were flung from catapults, you need only trace back the trajectory to find out who to blame. And it doesn't start in Gaza, or in the "West Bank".

The young men who explode in cafes and on buses in Israel were sent by the Imams in Egypt, at Al-Azhar University, and by the Mullahs in Iran, in Qom and Tehran, and by the mutant dictators like Bashar Assad in Syria and the horrifically inbred dominant tribe of Bedouin despots in the Arabian Peninsula.

It doesn't start in those parts of Israel currently occupied by Jordyptian refugees, but that is thin cover indeed for any who now cry for mercy from that area. If they really wanted to exist in a free and representative government, they would have moved to Israel. Or America. Or one of the comfy socialist nanny states of the European Peninsula. Many of them do. So many, in fact, that what is left in "Palestine" are the hard core, the bitter and fanatic "dead-enders" who have nothing to gain, for in a lawful society, they would be thrown in jail, and nothing to lose, for they have destroyed everything the Israelis left behind. And they have built nothing. The problem now facing the "Palestinians" is that for so many years, it may not have started in Palestine, but but also never stopped.

If the Palestinians wanted a State, they should have fought for it in Palestine. Instead they fought in Israel, against the only people in the region who had an interest in stability. Now that Israel has sealed itself off from them, they are fighting in Palestine, and have discovered that there is nothing left.

Fuck 'em.