14 March 2007

L3ft1st P0etry

I Ran across this at the Poetry Barn. Was wondering what would be a fair price.

L3ftist Poetry,
Sorry bout the caps,
Habits you know,
Grammarscian Diagram,
of Angry breasts,
and Ulululululating volvos,
off me pig,
grunting ziopecker
sorry bout the commas
forgot where i was and who was grading this
the thr33 was like an e
i cant believe i got a c
nary shall there be a pecker
within sight or half an acre
sorry bout the rhyme
it becomes truly vhallenging to vlout all the roles at wunst
shit i broke the flout flaunt float flight
three strikes im in rule
Jawj W. Boosh dont care bou bla peopl
i declear the crudase
in my reciprocating tunnel of love
JIHAD on your creamy twinkie stuffing

It wasn't framed or anything bourgeois like that. Is a buck-twenty-five a good deal?

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