14 March 2007

In Which I Might Be Jewish

One day, we were having a discussion about religion, and the lack thereof on the part of, uh, some of us. Here's my take:

I call myself agnostic, as the whole point is that I admit I don't know the nature of the unknowable. You know, being mortal and all. I get a kick out of "Atheists" who want to prove that there is no Creator. Go ahead, I say, but be quick about it--Jesus is coming.


I guess that if anything, I'm a Zionist. I feel politically very Jewish these days. I looked into the least religious variety of Judaism, but for crying out loud, it's a bunch of idiots dressed up as a church. With no God. How's that supposed to work? At that point, isn't it a club? Hell, I'm more Jewish than they are! At least I admit that there *might* be a God. It's not given to me to know these things.

So I feel Jewish and I don't know why. But I'm agnostic, and have been for better than twenty years. So I'm not really in the market, as it were. Joining a church would be intellectually dishonest.

Just the same, I hope that our friends without the ham don't mind if occasionally I say "WE". I feel it.

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Daerken D Duck said...

There is no reason to assume that god or anything else is unknowable unless knowledge of a particular subject is logically impossible. Just because you don't know something doesn't mean it can't be known. That's like proclaiming differential equations unknowable because you're too lazy to pass calculus.