14 March 2007

In Which I Blasted the President

This is from 04DEC2006, just after President Bush announced that our Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton had resigned, and that the President had accepted it. We knew what that meant--that the President had decided not to try to force the new Democrat-controlled Congress to confirm Bolton. I was unhappy because Bolton had impressed supporters and critics alike, and I thought that despite the unfair and childish objections from some of the loony left, his nomination had a chance of being confirmed after the fantastic performance he had turned in. Sadly, we never got to find out.

I don't get upset at very much.

Bush Accepts Bolton's Resignation

I am now upset.

After the Cheney years, the Powell years, and the Rice years, we finally come to the Bush years, and it looks like the Cavalry is not going to arrive after all.

They were supposed to charge the enemy, but the Cavalry instead is riding off into the sunset. At two o'clock in the afternoon. I have little faith that there is any fight this President will not walk away from.

After pledging his undying support for Rumsfeld--shitcanned. After declaring that he would go to the wall for Bolton--shitcanned. After saying that he would not withdraw from Iraq? One wonders. One really effing wonders.

President Bush has failed to learn the only real lesson to be drawn from this election--that appeasing the Democrats gains a Republican nothing, while it costs him the base, and the whole thing comes tumbling down. As the Republican party goes, so goes the stand against totalitarianism.

I am emphatically not of the "nuke 'em" crowd. But if we fail to act while the problem is conventional, what choice will there be later? We are squandering our opportunity to prevent a global bloodbath, because we cannot stomach a few well-placed and hard-fought battles.

When the mushroom cloud comes, we will have earned it.

Losing Bolton was a blunder, and the History books will reflect this. As a triumph. In Arabic.

Hoo! I was hot. I'm still not happy about it. But the nomination and confirmation of General Petraeus went a long way to restoring my faith. Before that faith was partially restored, I squeezed this off, amplifying and expanding some of my earlier comments.

Few people were cheerleading for the President and the Republicans in general as optimistically as I was. Don't get me wrong, I am crystal clear where my vote needs to stay in order to not be complicit in losing this war.

But after watching this administration, which started out so well, so clear, and with such purpose, degenerate into a paralyzed Washington jellyfish, I have lost faith in the people at the top.

I take orders and carry them out with gusto. But also with my fingers crossed, where I used to have certainty. I do not appreciate this feeling that the leadership of my team may no longer be very interested in winning. I do not know what to expect from this administration. And that is half of the problem right there. Years ago, I posted here about what a shame it was, the sad thing which had become of Dr. Rice. She was one of the first to fall to Washington disease. Remember when it was a refreshing breath of fresh air to hear her belt out the truth? That was then--this is now. When was the last time you heard her say something that didn't sound tired and safely devoid of any real point?

Alberto Gonzales makes me cringe every time I hear him. Likable guy, but he's just such a weasel. You never hear straight answers out of him. Boehner and Frist (not administration, I know) played nice for so long and with such timidity that we wound up getting nearly nothing done [in the 109th Congress].

Now that disease has the whole administration second-guessing itself. The President should have told the Democrats that if they want Rumsfeld, they can pry the SECDEF from Bush's cold, dead hands. That if they want Bolton, they can 'Bring it on!' We Republicans have managed to surrender on all of the important issues EXCEPT FOR ONE in the vain hopes of currying favor with Democrats. That if we just stop being such Republicans, they will like us more.

Of course, this does not work, and we are going to get tossed around the 110th Congress like a skinny prison snitch in a thong.

I appreciate the built-in gridlock for arresting dangerous movements in the Washington tar pits, but how on earth could we still be staring down the barrel of Amnesty [legislation for illegal border-jumpers]? Thanks to the House for holding off the onslaught, but with all three branches of the government more or less in our sphere, how could we have walked away with so little?

And get used to the past perfect tense--we will not see another bicameral majority for a long time. Certainly not in conjunction with the White House. We had the Hat Trick--but played the Shell Game.

Here's a question for you sharp knives out there: What issue do you predict that the President will not fold on? Hint: It's a trick question.

As I read somewhere online (NRO, Steyn? Not sure), the President needs to snap out of it. He is still the President, and needs to stand up to these Democrats now more than ever. We ALREADY LOST THE GODDAMNED ELECTIONS, so he can stop playing nice--because it won't work any better for 2008 than it did for 2006. But at least we could win a couple of important battles while we still have THE PRESIDENCY. I expect him to engage the damned Democrats, not fall in meekly behind them in their march to hand the country over to the the foreign and domestic communists and their Islamic wedge.

But what do we get?

"Hap-py Traa-aa-aails to youu-uu-uu..."

By the way...
I have always debated whether I should give the Republicans (and I am one) a blast when I am displeased. Before the elections, I stayed in cheerleader mode; argue for the cause, rally the base, shore up the wobbly, etc...
Since we lost the elections, I haven't said much.
Now I feel that the most productive thing I can do for the Republican Party is to fire broadsides where they need to go. We are about to make the same mistakes which cost us 2006. Well, not me. I'll be contrarian IN THE PRIMARIES, and vote solid Republican in the general elections. But while I do that, I'll be sure backhand whoever needs it. And right now, the virtual hand goes to 1600 Pennsylvania.

Doctors are required to "First, do no harm".

Presidents in wartime, on the other hand, ought to get in there and mix it up.

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