14 March 2007

In Which Arwa Damon Rocks!

Arwa Damon has impressed me greatly two times, both of which I mentioned here:

Just saw a "man on the street" bit on CNN, although with an Iraqi woman, and for once, I am impressed.

Arwa Damon (who is secretly on our side, I believe) turned in a great report with an Iraqi college student, one Miss Maha Nidal, saying that the turning point in killing a country is when the schools shut down. This is a profound point, and so simple (as profundity often appears) that I am just flabberghasted.

Arwa Damon, by the way, was the only CNN type to turn in a report after the Haditha extolling the unbelievable professionalism of the troops on previous patrols, and saying that in the end, she did not know if those same trooops would have done such a thing, and that until the "smoke clears", nobody will know what happened.

Well, it wasn't cheerleading, but it's as close as you'll get from CNN. For our side, anyway.


Anonymous said...

On WHOSE side????

Haakon B. Dahl said...

Certainly not the anonymous side. Everybody knows which side I'm on. As for anonymous? Well, that's hard to say, now isn't it? Log in or shut up.
p.s. Those extra question marks aren't helping.