04 January 2007

Back by Popular Demand!

I have been away. Not in any physical sense (and no, I was not deployed anywhere), but I have been posting over at Little Green Footballs, a.k.a LGF, which I felt provided me with a far wider audience. Which is true. And the companionship of my fellow Lizards (check LGF to figure that one out). Which is valuable. But I have been solicited by people who want me to update my blog with increasing regularity. I can't link to it, as these have been actual walking, speaking human beings. People I gave the link to a long time ago, and who tell me months later, "Please post something! I check your blog once a week, and still all I see is the weird Kofi post, or whatever that was. And a bunch of comment spam."

SO I have cleaned up the comment spam, and we'll start this round of posts with a media issue--the New York Times is Lying. See the next post.

Thank you all who have convinced me to move back into my old house, as it were, to start posting here at my own site. I will regale you all some time with a post describing my computer nightmares which began in July, and are only now approaching a fantastic and triumphant conclusion. Here's a hint--I have no more Microsoft Code in my home office. No Windows, No Office(tm), No Nothing.


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