02 May 2006

Southern California Name Contest

Please submit your witty name conflating the current mess in California with Middle-Eastern themes. I am disgusted every time I see millions of people marching in America. Next thing you know, we'll be rending our garments and ululating over spilt milk, but only when the cameras are on.


The Calistinian Authority.
Hassan Diego.

And so on.

A winner will be selected by my subjective standards, unless I am shouted down by a massive reader outcry. Who says that Snivelry is dead?

AND if anybody think this is racist, ethnist, or any of the rest of that, consider who claims Everything For The Race. Hint: Race is pronounced "Raza" in that motto.

I see very real parallels between on the one hand, the Arab states which prolong the suffering of "Palestinians" and on the other hand, the Mexican Government and its race-baiting American enablers who quite profitably prolong the misery of "Aztlanos", Mexican workers in America.

[UPDATE] 11MAY2006 Massive Reader Outcry narrowly averted.

01 May 2006

A Day Without Illegal Immigrants--GREAT!

Today was a great day! My hourly wage TRIPLED, my Federal Taxes were SLASHED, I didn't have to wait at the health clinic today, and when I got out of there, the bill was a LOT less than what I'm used to paying! To top it all off, my daughter's reading level went up by a WHOLE GRADE overnight, because her class had not been held back for years by children in families who refuse to assimilate but stumble along with Spanglish instead. Can I please have EVERYDAY without illegal immigrants?


The American Worker

Communist May Day Celebrated by Millions in American Cities

Never mind the actual issue most Americans are considering; illegal immigration. Put that aside for a moment and look instead at something in the background of Today's events. Real Power.

The demonstrations, scheduled for the first day of May, are a show of force by the still very healthy international Communists. Through groups like International A.N.S.W.E.R., the global Communist movement captures the energy of any center-to-left political faction and perverts it for the purposes of the Communists.

Why on earth would a protest about illegal immigration from Mexico be held on May first, when the fifth of May is so close? May fifth in Spanish is Cinco de Mayo, which is Mexican Independence Day. It would make much more sense for millions of people from Mexico to take the fifth as a holiday. Why would they march on the first instead?

May first is the biggest holiday of the Communist faith. It is Christmas and Hanukkah combined, and in Communist countries, there is a month-long Ramadan of feverish factory activity which consumes most of April, in preparation for "May Day", the holiday dedicated to Workers of the World. April is marked by much exhortation of the proletariat to ever-greater production, in order to have something to celebrate on May Day. Hallelujah, Comrade.

This scheduling detail regarding the first vice the fifth of May is a show of force by the Communists who run the "incubators" of supposedly grassroots movements. The very name "Common Cause" admits the co-optive nature of that organization. The "answer" in "International A.N.S.W.E.R" stands for "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. This is a clear example of casting a wide net in order to claim a common cause.

In what I could call Phase I of the (New, Post-Soviet) COMINTERN American Operation, these incubators contact other movements and provide training and financial support. Somebody dispute me on this. The smaller movements are invited to join massive marches to show Solidarity, demonstrate Common Cause, and enjoy the publicity benefits which smaller events will not bring.

But notice that whenever a massive protest is held in America, there always seems to be an uninvited guest: Communism. Of course, the Commies are welcome at any table set by the American Left, but when was the last time you saw Communism or its financial underpinning Socialism mentioned in the publicity for any of these events? Gold Star Mothers for Peace and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat--and the Destruction of Israel. A Day Without Immigrants, or Jews for that matter, you Zio-Capitalist Pigs.

A year ago, I would have confidently surmised that we would never see Communist or Socialist sentiment expressed openly in the publicity surrounding a demonstration or other sort of mass event. Rally, even. Now however, I am grateful I said no such thing, for I feel quite certain that we will see the International Communist movement switch smoothly into Phase II of the American Operation--manifestly Communist demonstrations, and I give it one year from the date of this blog post.

We are winning the battle in Iraq, and we are losing the war at home.

Today's marches in various cities are a show of force. This is a demonstration that leadership of these organizations large and small are either populated or controlled by Communists to such a degree that they can move millions of Mexicans to stay away from work on May Day, but work straight through Cinco de Mayo.

That is real power.

30 April 2006

Remember Rolling Blackouts? Iran Does.

Here's a letter I wrote to the stalwart stock at POWERLINEBLOG:


I have not seen mentioned *anywhere* the logical connection between California's electricity woes of a few years ago, and our current oil price misery.

The problem in California was that after the *insufficient* deregulation of the power industry, power providers wound up with a cap on prices, while consumers had (therefore) no cap on consumption. The supply side, which can do basic math, stopped investing and reduced operations to perfunctory, mandated, caretaker tasks, while the demand side chugged an ever-larger draught until the taps were dry, barback unseen and not coming soon.

If this Republican administration and Republican Congress deal with oil in the same pandering, bite-the-hand-which-feeds way that California "dealt with" electricity years ago, the results will be much the same, with the added specter of Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's replacement all rubbing their hands with glee as they carve up the remnants of our crippled economy.

This treatment is precisely what I see coming when I hear opportunistic House Reps and Bush Admin. types begin to take up the cudgel of wanking against an American industry whose profits, as a percentage, are lower than the average for all American industries. Some facts would help.

Thank you,

Haakon B. Dahl

Yokohama, Japan