02 May 2006

Southern California Name Contest

Please submit your witty name conflating the current mess in California with Middle-Eastern themes. I am disgusted every time I see millions of people marching in America. Next thing you know, we'll be rending our garments and ululating over spilt milk, but only when the cameras are on.


The Calistinian Authority.
Hassan Diego.

And so on.

A winner will be selected by my subjective standards, unless I am shouted down by a massive reader outcry. Who says that Snivelry is dead?

AND if anybody think this is racist, ethnist, or any of the rest of that, consider who claims Everything For The Race. Hint: Race is pronounced "Raza" in that motto.

I see very real parallels between on the one hand, the Arab states which prolong the suffering of "Palestinians" and on the other hand, the Mexican Government and its race-baiting American enablers who quite profitably prolong the misery of "Aztlanos", Mexican workers in America.

[UPDATE] 11MAY2006 Massive Reader Outcry narrowly averted.

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