06 February 2006

Shame, you cowards! AN OPEN LETTER

This letter was mailed to am@cnn.com, the mail address for feedback to the American Morning show, after one of the co-hosts, Miles O'Brien, asked a seemingly innocuous question about the "possibility of redress" to Muslims somehow offended by "the cartoons".

At least admit that it is FEAR which prevents you from showing the Mohammed cartoons. You have shied away from showing NOTHING else. You do not have a habit of restraint in the name of respect for potential offense. Christ in urine, check. Mary in poop, check. Burned bodies of American contractors being dragged through the streets, check!

And how can you ask about the possibility of redress?! MILES O'BRIEN, how can you read that prompter without pooping in your chair?! Won't anybody up there on the set break the wall of fear?

Earn your pay, you "journalists"! Learn why the cartoons were penned in the first place--the Newspaper editor was ashamed that nobody in Denmark would illustrate [a children's book about Islam] due to FEAR. So he challenged editorial cartoonists to write, well, editorial cartoons featuring Mohammed. The cartoons were a "Freedom of Navigation Exercise" (look up LIBYA, 1986, and US NAVY to find out what that means) for Free Speech.

Here's an analogy--you wake up in the middle of the night with the sudden sensation that you are not alone in your house. You turn on a light, which enrages a big man with a honking big knife! As the knife flashes at you and you duck and dodge, do you struggle against the man, or do you ASK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF REDRESS for turning on the light, MILES? At some point, you have to wonder why the man was in your house (which is not about immigration in this [analogy], but about the infringement upon your right to Speak Freely).

Sorry to pick on you Miles, but you happened to be the guy reading the prompter. Of course, any response from anybody at CNN who is not a PR droid would be welcome.

I live in Japan, and I would appreciate a public or private response. If you desire your response to be held confidential, just tell me--I will honor that.

Haakon B. Dahl


The Sanity Inspector said...

Go get 'em, Haakon!

Haakon B. Dahl said...

Of course, nobody answered from CNN. Still, thanks for the support, sanity.